Healing Therapies

Are offered on Zarilove Healing Retreats and by personal appointment, in various locations or online please enquire.

Client confidentiality and professionalism are of our highest priority. 

Radical Healing

A 3 hour powerful journey into the subconscious memories, energetic cellular structures and early-rooted belief systems. Radical Healing is a deep integrated reconnective system developed by Zari, incorporating a variety of effective healing modalities, that work on a mental, emotional, energetic and soul level. This unique healing can be life transforming.

In a deep and safe hypnotic state, the core of our problems can be uncovered, un-earthed and healed at their origin. Replacing and forming new neurological pathways and empowering programs can enable progressive positive living.

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Unhealed events, negative behavioural patterns, memories, beliefs, and unresolved trauma are all influencing factors that control our lives and obstruct our happiness. Mostly we are not consciously aware of what these are and where they stem from as they are buried so deep in the unconscious mind and cellular make-up of the body.

Radical Reconnective Healing can get to this deep level and allow people to find inner solutions, personal truth, and freedom. Let go of the past and live now!

Useful for: PTSD, fears, unhealthy patterns, anxiety, depression, weight loss, grief, improving performance and success, physical illness, addictions, trauma release, letting go of the past, chronic stress, sexual abuse trauma, unloving beliefs, emotional turmoil, anxiety, sexuality, performance, fertility.

PRICE: £225  (includes an additional 45-60min Preconsultation session via Skype/Phone)

What people say…

“I, like most people have issues from the past that I have tried to hide and forget about for most of my life! Not realising shutting them away was only stopping me move forward with my life!! I can honestly say I’m on my way back to living again! It may sound corny but it has opened up my senses again. I now realise the importance of healing yourself and the power of holistic therapy after being a total cynic!!!! I can’t begin to thank you enough Zari for helping me through this healing journey.”

– Paul Cavendish, London UK, Entrepreneur

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TRE Trauma Release Exercises

TRE®  Tension and Trauma release exercises are a set of 7 exercises developed by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, that assist the body in downregulating our nervous system and unwinding deep muscular holding patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. It can be helpful in relieving pain, increasing flexibility, vitality, aliveness and sensitivity, as well as improving posture and health.

Coined as a revolutionary way to feel good. Tre® works with the physiology of the body (rather than the psychological story). This modality helps to release the old parts of the brain from, Fight, Flight Freeze and Dissociation responses and engage our Vagus Nerve – the more evolved, socially engaged part of the brain. 


This ‘unfreezing’ or ‘mobilization’ of our life force energy, which, when done in a safe and controlled way, can help us to reclaim 100% of our vital power, and return to a place of equilibrium, relaxation, sensuality, joy, presence, and connection to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Useful for: PTSD, fears, phobias, anxiety, addictions, depression, weight loss, grief, impotence, improving performance and success, emotional release, physical pain, cravings, addictions, trauma release, debilitating thought patterns, lack of confidence, self-esteem, letting go of the past, self-sabotaging behaviours.

PRICE: £75  80 minutes. Private workshops for groups of 5 – 12 can be arranged.

Bring TRE® to your work place. Check out our corporate packages.


What people say

‘These sessions helped me to reclaim my missing parts of my energy, reconnect to my body and self in a new and profound way! Tre has been the link in my trauma and stress recovery. I can’t believe how easy, powerful and effective it is. Felt amazing and energised afterwards.

Everybody needs to shake!

Maxine W. Sussex. UK. Nutritional Therapist 


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EFT Emotional Freedom

EFT is one of the most effective, efficient and non- invasive treatment techniques for resolving just about any unwanted fear, emotion, trauma, pain, disempowering belief or behaviour. EFT uses a gentle yet powerful tapping technique ( that work on a similar principle as Acupuncture- -without needles!) whilst focusing on the issue. can bring life-changes and lasting effects. It is very helpful for trauma as it does not require the client to talk in-depth, only to focus on somatic sensations and memory.  It is safe, easy to apply and gets results in minutes.


EFT uses a light finger tapping sequence on the acupressure points along the meridian energy lines of the body, hands, and face. It can detach the emotional charge from painful memories and events, and release blockages in the body’s energy system that can cause dis-ease. EFT can deliver groundbreaking opportunities for physical and emotional wellbeing in an accelerated time frame; relieving psychological stress, emotional disturbances, and physical pain.

This treatment would be perfectly complimented with Reiki healing and rebalancing. (In-person sessions only)

Useful for: PTSD, fears, phobias, anxiety, addictions, depression, weight loss, grief, impotence, improving performance and success, emotional release, physical pain, cravings, addictions, trauma release, debilitating thought patterns, lack of confidence, self-esteem, letting go of the past, self-sabotaging behaviours.

PRICE: Initial Session £125  – 90 minutes.

Follow on sessions £85 –  60 minutes (Package Price 3x  60 minute Sessions £210.  10 sessions £685 -complex issues)

Advanced EFT practitioner service. Online Skype sessions.


What people say

‘These sessions helped me to find a lot of relief and ease from anxiety and panic attacks after a horrific near-death car accident. The flashbacks and traumatic memories stopped repeating and I gained the confidence to get back a car and drive again. EFT also helped me deal with the grief of my father’s death, let go of guilt, blame so could find peace and move on. Zari is a real earth angel!’

Trish Adam. Manchester. UK. Nutrition Coach

Sessions are mostly conducted online via Skype.

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Personal Coaching

Whether you are looking for guidance in your spiritual awakening, needing support to work through sexual trauma, overwhelming issues or a challenging time in your life working with Zari can offer you a safe, loving, authentic and professional space, to be heard, seen, feel, and expand perception.

These sessions offer regular companionship guidance, support, and motivation on your healing and spiritual path. After a profound kundalini and spiritual awakening, Zari’s reality, past understandings, and perceptions were significantly rearranged into an altered higher state of conscious awareness, where she had to find her way back to..

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Being in a ‘body’ again. Kundalini energy and Life’s lessons can feel ‘No Joke’, being guided through this process is priceless. You do not have to do this alone, Zari has over 20 years of experience of exploring, healing, spiritual seeking, working and living all over the world, she has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to offer.

Having been through her own transformational recovery from sexual trauma, this is an invaluable gift she has to share.

Zari has a very REAL and embodied approach to life, as she values the co-existence of duality and non-duality in our current world, believing that it is vital we do not spiritually, bypass our human experiences, emotions, and body as a means to escape. Only when we have fully felt, explored and done our own personal work, exposing the shadows and games of our ego, felt the depths of pain and pleasure, then we can be truly ready to transcend into non-duality. We have to be a fully embodied human and simultaneously consciously awake.

Useful for: Spiritual guidance, personal development, Kundalini energy, Sexual Trauma Recovery, Life issues, Relationships, Sexual issues, Career direction, self-esteem, letting go of the past, self-sabotaging behaviours.

PRICE: Initial Session £125  – 90 minutes.

Follow on sessions £85 –  60 minutes ( Package Price 3x  60 minute Sessions £210.  10 x sessions £685)

Online Skype sessions.


What people say

‘Absolutely incredible, wonderful, and fantastic..it has enabled me to make so much sense of my life, of why I am the way I am, why I done the things I have done, the choices and decisions I have made and how I arrived at where I am now… I am so grateful for this awareness and it has brought about a shift in me, which is empowering and liberating’

Elizabeth Grant. Sheffield. UK. House wife

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Crystal Light Bed

This unique and powerful healing system from Brazil, uses the vibrations of both colour and crystal therapy to cleanse and harmonise the body’s energetic frequency. Pulsating coloured light is beamed onto the body’s chakras through powerfully charged quartz crystals. This light restores the correct vibration in the body’s cells, aura and organs and brings about physical and mental balance.

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These unique crystals transmit the healing light and compassionate energy of the Spiritual doctors of light from the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil. They have been charged and cleansed in the Sacred Healing Waterfall of Abadiania.

Previously people would only be able to experience this treatment in Brazil, but these Entities of light gave permission for this crystal bed to be taken and used in Zari’s work. This blessed and charged Crystal light bed is said to act as a direct link to the spiritual surgeons who work in this miraculous place. Healing is therefore individually transmitted to each person and their recognised needs.

The extraordinary and beautiful properties of this treatment are said to:

  • Create a deep feeling of relaxation, peace, and rejuvenation
  • Help heal the sick. Trigger and accelerate the healing processes
  • Bring clarity and insight to current life issues and future path
  • Initiate and envelope spiritual awareness
  • Realign the chakras and aura frequencies
  • Gain insight to cause of disease
  • Support the organs and body functions

Zari works with this therapy in conjunction with channel healing and bodywork for maximum results. This treatment is available on some retreats and in certain locations.

PRICE £55 – 40 minutes (Only available for 5+ people – please check the events page for specific groups events, or arrange a your own small group)

£130 – 90 minutes minutes crystal bed combined with energy healing aromatherapy massage and angelic/reiki healing

What people say…

” How beautiful and extraordinary, I felt Zari’s hands and other hands. The whole experience was one of loving, caring – deep peace and love.  An experience beyond explanation”

– Ocia Koranteng Manchester. UK. Charity Worker 

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Energy Healing Massage

This nourishing and soothing massage incorporates pressure release, and rebalancing techniques, with Reiki master and spiritually-guided energy healing for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and reconnection.

Our body remembers the past and the fascia tissue holds memories and emotional imprinting. When we suffer from stress and overwhelming situations, our muscles tighten and tense in protective reflex responses. Relieving these holding patterns from the muscles and myofascial connective tissue can help to relieve pain, and bring balance to the emotional and nervous system; increasing flexibility, lightness, and mobility in all areas of life..


Our unique treatment uses a blend of our own beautiful and 100% natural, aromatherapy Goddessence oils, or masculine blend. An aromatic invitation into healing touch and the essence of you.

The combination of this healing massage with our aromatherapy and energy clearing practices go beyond muscle tension alone and can be effective for helping with many problems including:

PTSD, chronic stress, pain relief, depression, illness, emotional turmoil, anxiety, energy recharge, trauma, Freeze responses, blood and lymphatic circulation, sleep, improved digestion, women’s health, hormone balancing, mood, libido and strengthening the immune and nervous systems.

When combined with Crystal Light Bed Therapy it can have very powerful effects.

PRICE £75 –  60 minutes.  With Crystal Bed £130 – 90 minutes

What people say…

“I had never had a massage like this before, Zari’s touch was one of real presence and love. For the first time, I felt I could feel love and be in acceptance of my body, it touched me very deeply.”

– Mark. W. USA. Doctor

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Breath and Energetic Bodywork

This treatment is designed to awaken life force energy, release old patterns and energy blockages; creating more presence, lightness, and aliveness. Conscious connected breathing combined with energetic and somatic bodywork techniques can dissolve our defensive cellular armour, increase sensitivity, expand consciousness and reconnect you with your sensual body, heart, creativity, and higher truth.

It can be helpful for all issues, including releasing stress, unresolved trauma, pain, unmet emotion and general tension from the mind, body, and heart. This session can bring clarity and deeper insights and spiritual connections..

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Safely reactivating and mobilizing our life energy can help us to meet, heal and release feelings and emotions from the past, moving us out of depression, negativity, procrastination, fear responses, and ill-health.

This work is inspired by breathwork practices, sound vibration, Kundalini, shamanic body de-armouring, somatic awareness, and energy healing. It can bring deep cathartic release and also help to promote self-healing, spiritual insight and meditative relaxation. Includes energy healing/rebalancing to finish.

PRICE £125  90 minutes  £160- 2 hours session.  Private workshops for groups of 5 – 12 can be arranged

What people say…

‘What I have to say about Zari’s energy work: • unbelievably healing • restorative- renewing • deeper than I could’ve imagined • intuitive • psychic • therapeutic… Left your touch feeling a sense of new beginning that was out of this world! Zari had me raving about her healing touch… Can’t wait to get that angel back in my orbit!”…

– Kindred Sheeler USA, Singer-Songwriter and Performer

Your breath is a bridge between you and your body…

–  OSHO The Book of Secrets

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Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way of rewiring negative and obstructive mental thought processes and breaking habits, through gaining direct access into the subconscious part of our mind. These sessions use Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and integrated energy techniques including- Transactional Analysis, energy release-cord cutting, Regression, Ego states, NLP empowerment techniques and more.

Hypnotherapy uses skilled relaxation techniques with the power of suggestion to reframe and reprogram new positive behaviours, thoughts, responses, and feelings. Life-changing results can be achieved. Learn the invaluable self-hypnosis techniques for a lifetime of personal empowerment.

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Past Life Regression therapy and Quantum Healing is an Eastern soul-level therapy, ultimately used to gain insight and access to memories of previous lives.  It can be very effective in rectifying life blocks, conditions and symptoms that otherwise have not been resolved by addressing current-life experiences or healing methods. It can bring great clarity into your relationships and life.

Personalised hypnotic recordings can be made for daily use to deeply imbed in your new program.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and PLR can be helpful for: anxiety, weight loss, empowerment, confidence, stress release, sleep, eating disorders, addictions, pain, performance, relationship, sports, self-acceptance, social interaction, cravings, fear and phobia management, trauma, and much more.

PRICE  £125 – 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions £85 -60 minutes. (Packages from £425 x 6 sessions- 60 minutes)

What people say…

…The session was simply enlightening: I felt alive again. Everyone around me can see the difference. I am more at ease and I am actually genuinely SMILING all time. So all in all an amazing feeling. All the things that were bothering me before the session are now not affecting me. I just smile and MOVE ON!

– Rania Mushtaha. Dubai UEA

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Reiki & Spiritual Healing

This intuitive healing can be very effective in the assistance of stress and support all other medical and therapeutic techniques in accelerating the body’s natural recovery. Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing system, promoting deep physical relaxation and wellbeing.

Reiki is considered an alternative form of medicine and can be helpful for virtually all illnesses. Zari combines Reiki Master Healing with ‘Channel Healing’ from the higher cosmic dimensions and angelic realms, opening the gateway for spiritually guided wisdom, psychic healing, and life force energy to flow…

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It is not religious or massage and considered safe for everyone, even during pregnancy.

PRICE £60 – 45 minutes.  Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training available at certain times of the year. Please check the events calendar.

What people say…

‘Zari, your healing hands brought about a big change in my life. I feel happy and at ease. You have healing hands and more…’

-Barbara Wagner, Zurich. Switzerland

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Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation

These ancient Chinese arts work on the energetic meridian system to promote health, balance and longevity. The infinite Tai Chi sequence is a fusion of contemporary and traditional slow and graceful meditative movements, designed to increase awareness, balance and raise your conscious vibration. Chi-Kung exercises are strengthening and empowering which cultivate life force energy to promote healing and vitality.

Meditation is a doorway into your inner world and treasures. We offer a wide range of creative, dynamic and guided meditations, inspired by Sufi’s, Osho, NLP empowerment, Tantra heart, soul journeys, sensual art, meditative movement and fun active processes to find more awareness, pleasure and presence…

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PRICE Individual and Group Meditation facilitation and workshops available (enquire for pricing programs) Check our calendar for up and coming events.

What people say…

‘The Tai Chi experience was a highlight for me. It was so beautiful, graceful and quite spiritual, which surprised me. It touched something deep within me that actually made me cry, I can’t really explain what it was?! I felt a lot of tingling energy in my body and afterwards, I felt so light and peaceful, like I was floating’.

Geraldine Hilliard. Rio Grande Do Sul. Brazil. Psychologist

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