Healing Retreat: John of God (7 or 13 - days)

This is a life-changing opportunity to join Zarilove’s unique and powerful Healing Retreat to see ‘John of God’ AKA Miracle Man of Brazil. John of God has been considered as one of the most powerful healer to emerge from the 20th century, freeing thousands of people from cancer, AIDS, paralysis, blindness, mental illness, depression and awakening spiritual truth and psychic vision. This nourishing healing retreat in Brazil is an invitation to men and women of all ages and backgrounds to reconnect with their heart and soul and transform their lives.

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We will journey together in loving support and strength during this 13 day or 7 day empowering program of sacred healings, meditations and reflective inner work with multiple opportunities to personally meet with John of God or be in the healing meditation currents


Who This Customised Healing Retreat Is For

This powerful spiritual retreat is for open minded people who are looking for a natural alternative or insight to health and wellness, who are ready to dive in deep and open up to the possibilities of miracles and the phenomena of the Casa’s spirits.

Of course there are no guarantees at the Casa but there are thousands cases of successful inventions. These healing retreats can be helpful for all sorts of life problems including chronic physical illnesses though one does not have to be specifically ill to receive the benefits; many people receive deep spiritual growth, insight and psychic opening.

It is also very effective in helping with: PTSD, grief, trauma, depression, stress, burnout, weight related issues, fertility, sexuality, self-confidence, relationship problems, behavioural changes and more. The Entities assist us by cleaning our energy field physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so we can become a stronger vibration of divine love and radiant light in this world.

To be happy, loving and contributing to the world as the best version of ourselves is something we all wish for!

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John of God

John of God is a famous Brazilian healer who has been performing miraculous healing for the past 60 years. It has been estimated he has treated a staggering 15 million people at the healing centre Casa Dom Inacio (‘Casa’) in Abadiania. Incorporating very powerful Entities (spiritual doctors) who use his body to perform spiritual surgeries and heal others.

He attracts people from all backgrounds including Oprah Winfrey and has cured Shirley MacLaine and Wayne Dyer from cancer and Leukaemia respectively.

See Wayne Dyer – Distant Healing procedures which contributed to his recovery from leukemia. – CLICK HERE

Oprah’s interview with John of God. – CLICK HERE

What people say…

‘For those who believe no words are necessary, for those who do not believe no words are possible…’

Dom Inacio de Loyala

What We Offer

  • 12 opportunities to personally meet with ‘John of God’
  • Healing program by Zarilove at the casa with daily support, guidance and care, including preparing cleansing workshops, protocols and healing procedures
  • Experience powerful crystal-charged meditation ‘currents’
  • Access to the Casa gardens to energetically deepen the healing work
  • Guided Trips to the sacred waterfall, cleansing is done here by the spirits.
  • Crystal Light Beds* Divinely assisted by the Entities to support healing
  • Guided Meditations- to release old cellular memories
  • Evening Meditation / Sharing Circle - Heart-opening practices to deepen insight
  • Tai Chi and Chi Kung Classes – to boost immunity and natural healing process.
  • Healing Workshop –Learn tools for self-healing and empowerment. Clear blockages, create a positive mindset, achieve inner balance and health.
  • One to One Therapy Sessions* with Zari including: -Bodywork Healing Massage~ Breath & bodywork~ EFT -Emotional Freedom Therapy~ Clinical Hypnotherapy~ Past Life Regression~ Personal Coaching and Spiritual Guidance.
  • Excursion to see the World’s Largest Crystal* Explore Brasilia‘s Utopian Goodwill Temple, Metropolitan Cathedral, Dom Bosco church.

*additional costs

Abadiania is a small Brazilian town roughly a 1hr30 drive from the capital city of Brasilia. It hosts a traditional relaxed way of life with soft rolling hills, lush foliage, tropical flowering trees, crystal shops and cafes serving healthy food (including the famous acai pudding!).

The Casa Dom Inacio (home of John of God and the Entities’ work) is built on a bed of quartz crystal creating a very high vibrational energy. As well as the healing centre there is the nearby Sacred Waterfall – where many spontaneous healings have occurred, and the Casa’s gardens themselves are a natural medicine of rest and relaxation.

Our accommodation is considered to be of one the nicest pousadas’ in the simple yet comfortable Abadiania and is walking distance to the Casa. Ensuite standard rooms will be allocated in the private house with small pool, loungers and patio or in the main ‘Poudasa’ next door. Access to all facilities at connecting main Pousada: TV area, gardens, meditation / yoga room, free WiFi, restaurant and quiet area.

What is included ?

  • 13 nights accommodation with en-suite bathroom
  • All meals taken at the accommodation Pousada
  • All healing sessions/events within the Casa with John of God.
  • All stated activities of the Daily Healing Program by Zarilove outside the Casa including meditations, classes and workshops.
  • Guided trips to sacred waterfall
  • Healing soups on Casa days (Weds-Friday lunchtimes)
  • Blessed water on arrival (1 litre)
  • Nominal gratuity dominations to the Casa and Pousada
  • Free crystal bed on arrival for those booking with promo ‘offer’

What is not included ?

  • Flights and visas
  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers (we can assist)
  • Additional nights accommodation
  • Passiflora herbs prescribed by entities
  • Extra Bottled/blessed water (1 case free)
  • Sightseeing excursion to Brasilia & Pirenopolis waterfalls
  • Additional taxi rides around the town
  • Additional food and drinks outside the Pousada meal times
  • One to one sessions with Zari
  • Extra Crystal Bath sessions (1st one free)
  • Additional gratuity dominations to the Casa and Pousada

What people say...

“Zari has the gift of making you feel totally at ease and trust her completely. The sessions were the most powerful experience I have ever had. I know this has equipped and empowered me for my future. Zari you are amazing.”

- Jo Bivens. UK

Travel Information

  • Check visa requirements, 3-4 weeks to obtain this.
  • 6 months valid visa required on your passport
  • Fly into Brasilia international airport BSB- check www.flytap.com for flights.
  • Currency: Brazilian Real
  • Abadiania is approx. 1h 30 min. drive from the airport
  • We can assist with taxi service
  • Arrival day Monday lunch time, program starts Monday afternoon.
  • Check out the capital Brasilia or visit Rio which is 1h 45 mins flight away

Say Yes to Yourself!

These magical retreats are rare opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing, experience real spiritual growth, heart expansion and maybe even a miracle! Align yourself with the unlimited possibilities that are available and share in adventure and connections to last a lifetime.

This is a gift to you. Your time for happiness is NOW.

Booking Your Zarilove Healing Crusade

To book your spot on one of our unique retreats please contact us urgently. Due to the popularity of the Oprah Winfrey documentary here and public celebrity exposure, accommodation can get booked up very fast.

A deposit of only £300 is required to reserve your space. (*Please do NOT book flights until your suitability, place and deposit has been confirmed.)

We run two types of retreats each year to John God:

SOUL HEALING – Mixed Group Retreat (May)

This is a deep journey of the soul healing and awakening of the heart. We will embrace the healing path by making peace with and releasing the past. As we clear away what blocks us from love, happiness and radiant health, we can liberate ourselves and live out our soul’s purpose.  


WOMEN’S HEALING CRUSADE- Female Only Retreat (October)

We will travel in feminine force on a magical women’s healing and awakening journey. Join in the strength of sister healing as we heal the past  and embrace our hearts desire and sacred femininity.


Costs of These Retreats

A deposit of only £300 is required to reserve your space.

Bookings in advance of 60 days for 13 nights option £1595 (Save £250)
OR 7 nights option £895 (save 150)

Bookings within 60 days for 13 nights option £1845
OR 7 night option £1045

Request the full itinerary, details and booking form now. 

Although 100’s of 1000’s of people have received healing here, we do not make any healing guarantees or claims. We advise all medical assistance, treatment and medication advised by your doctor is continued.