Radiant Sensual Woman Retreat: Mallorca 18th - 23rd June 2019

Zarilove welcomes you on our Radiant Sensual woman retreat, in Mallorca; designed to support you to reclaim your radiant feminine aliveness, restore your magnetic glow, and reconnect you to your power, pleasure, purpose, and peace. During these 6 days we will be working with energy, breath, movement, sound, and reconnection processes to reconnect us to our body, heart, and environment; awakening more receptivity for sensuality, inspiration, joy and zest for life. Though ancient and contemporary energy practices such as breathwork, kundalini, dynamic meditations, Taoist Tantra, Qigong, movement, healing sounds and reconnection activities we can clear some the blocks to our energy flow; helping us to cultivate a stronger, more vibrant, radiant and balanced self. We will learn to raise our vibration, cultivate, harness and channel our vital life force energy; opening to a deeper sense of fulfillment, sensual pleasure and vitality as a woman.

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This is not only very healing but a deep purification process; creating renewed, positive space on all levels- mind, body, heart, sex, and soul. *Shakti meaning divine feminine, power, primordial energy, dynamic creative forces that move through us. When this life energy is flowing we are radiant and powerful expressions of feminine aliveness, our whole being is vibrating, our hearts are open, creativity and inspiration are flowing, our body is healthy, sensually receptive and connected. We will also learn the importance of being able to integrate and safely use this energy to open our body and heart to increased health, pleasure, and inner peace. The space needed to integrate the energy and connect is deeply respected, so we will have plenty of time during the week for nurturing and relaxing, including nature time, massage, relaxing meditation, healing treatments, swimming at the beach, sharing and talking, drinking tea, sleeping, reading in the hammock and retail therapy if you feel inclined!


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Who This Customised Healing Retreat Is For

This is an invitation for all women, of all ages, to embrace a program of energy rejuvenation, body and heart reconnection, and the awakening of your sensual nature. Also perfect for beginners to this work. It isn’t easy being a superwoman, we all fall off track from time to time and need a little help back on our right path. Maybe you been through a rough time recently, are at crossroads in your life and searching for direction and answers? Maybe you are feeling burnt out, disconnected, tired, or have been ill and need to boost your immune system?

When our energy becomes sluggish, it can make us feel, lethargic, heavy or disinterested and demotivated in our life; which ultimately has a knock on effect on our eating, mood, vitality, sex drive, health, projects, and general state of wellbeing. As women, we are naturally busy taking care of everyone else, and often forget about our own needs and VITAL energy source! It is essential that we give permission to say YES to ourselves, and YES to receiving the pleasures, love, and abundance of life that wants to move through us.

Reasons to join

This retreat will offer you effective and essential practices to connect you to your heart, sensual nature, and vital energy system; supporting you to live more radiantly alive. As we awaken the energy of the empowered, loving spirit within, a new space is created, one with a stronger, more balanced and conscious foundation. This is a more grounded and confident place to action, create and experience our chosen reality. As we discover a deeper intimacy and relationship with true ourselves and our body, we can become more present to the power, love and sacred feminine radiance that we hold.

We may remember our forgotten dreams and gifts; now finding the supporting force to make the changes and self-expression we need in our life. As a group of women, we will support each other, sharing our wisdom on this journey. We will connect with nature, our creativity, and shining radiance, whilst in acceptance and expression of all our feelings and energies wanting to move through us.


What We Offer

  • A retreat focused on renewed energy and, awakening your receptivity, senses, and heart
  • Beautiful Balearic mountainous settings to unwind and recharge
  • Morning energy classes including kundalini, dynamic, Tibetan yoga
  • Qi gong, Taoist Tai Chi, healing sounds practices, to boost health, immunity, vitality, and organ function
  • Women’s Tantric breathwork and Taoist meditations to increase sensuality and space for receiving more pleasure
  • Daily energy activation and rebalancing workshops to rejuvenate and strengthening processes for your physical, emotional and mental body; increasing motivation, creativity and confidence to take action in your life’s purpose
  • Expressive movement, and therapeutic creativity workshop to channel unique feminine wisdom and voice
  • Evening meditation rituals and heart reconnection practices, sharing’s and activities
  • De-stress and kundalini exercises to unblock chakras, open the pelvis and life energy
  • Nature walks and time to abundantly receive from Mallorca’s colourful beauty
  • A free 1-hour soothing and relaxing massage to fully let go & unwind
  • A free crystal healing bed session to balance and realign the chakras
  • Holistic healing treatments available including crystal bowls, tarot, massages (including bamboo, Thai massage) kabido facial, reflexology, spiritual healing, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy
  • Healthy vegetarian home cooked food
  • Free time to explore the island, and the culture of our village Deia, including famous poet Robert Graves house, local artist studios and cultural sights
  • Plenty of integration time. beaches, sun, hammocks, healing garden, café’s, etc
  • Professional guidance, a personal approach & plenty of fun
  • Leave recharged, emotionally lighter, brighter and balanced

*additional costs

Where is the retreat set?

The magical island of Mallorca, (Spain) is the perfect place for renewal and reconnection; offering you the space to slow down and let go; de-stress and revive yourself on all levels.

Set amongst the natural beauty of the Tramuntana mountain range, cove beaches and traditional Spanish culture, Deia, is a favourite spot for artists, poets, writers, musicians (also home to famous war poet Robert Graves) making it the perfect setting for personal insights, creative life inspiration, renewal, and recharging. Deia has some of the most sought-after hiking routes on the island, quirky cafes, an abundance of nature and an epic scenic backdrop.



Can Gelat is a beautiful renovated Mallorcan retreat house in the heart of Deia, walking distance to the beach, shops, restaurants, and hiking routes. Outside courtyard, a beautiful healing garden, free wifi, lounge spaces inside and out.


Shared twin bedrooms with en-suite bathroom (2 people per room)

Single room supplement option (subject to availability)

Whats included

  • Free relaxing massage
  • Free crystal light bed healing
  • All daily program activities, and equipment
  • 5 night’s accommodation and meals (*with exception of the meal on the last night, we will go out for dinner
  • Day 1. Arrival 18th June by 4pm, schedule outline, welcome dinner, evening group activity/meditation.
  • We will start each day with morning energy practices, such as dynamic, kundalini, active meditation, tai chi, qi gong, Tibetan yoga, pranayama, (beachside or in the healing garden)
  • After waking up our divine body, we will enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast
  • Late morning, we will join for our daily energy activation and reconnection workshop including techniques such as breathwork, kundalini, energy activation, mind power processes, healing sounds, dance, creativity.
  • A well-deserved wholesome and nutritious Lunch will be provided after our session.
  • Afternoon –FREE TIME for you, to explore or simply relax. Take a hike on one of Deia’s famous nature routes, hire a car and see some of the island, take a short walk to the beach, chill out in a hammock the gardens, soak up the vibes in quaint local café, visit famous war poet Robert Graves house or local artist studios, or have relaxing treatment in the holistic centre, including: massage (Bamboo, Thai, relaxing) reflexology, crystal light therapy, reiki, tarot, crystal bowl healing, cranial sacral therapy, spiritual healing, *additional cost applies to treatments.
  • Over a nourishing dinner, we can share the experiences of our day together.
  • In the evening after dinner we will have a meditation/ group activity, to finish the day and prepare us for a restful sleep,
  • On the evening of the 4th day, we will have a special closure session, after which we have the option to go out in the local town to enjoy some of Deia’s famous ambiance. (evening meal not including this night)
  • Day 6, 23rd June, Morning practice by the beach. Breakfast. Say our goodbyes. Check out by 12 pm midday.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide additional night’s accommodation. But can recommend local guestt houses.

Not included

  • Flights and travel/transfer expenses, insurances
  • Average airport taxi price 55 euro, easy local bus service
  • Car hire (www.doyouspain.com)

Your facilitator, Zari

Zari holds a large repertoire of professional skills, qualifications, and training, including Hypnotherapy, Tantra, EFT, NLP, Tai Chi, Meditation, Art therapy and Holistic Counselling. In addition, she works with her own developed ‘Radical Healing’ technique, a unique fusion of clinical and spiritual re-connective practices.

Zari’s work is an invitation to return back to the body, heart and sacred sensuality. She is working with energy and reconnective practices to help women release the blockages to love and acceptance, and open to more pleasure, divine connection, and inner peace. Zari is an energy worker and spiritual healer. With the assistance of her guides she helps to clear energy pathways in emotional, mental and physical areas.

She is registered with the MDHA-Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

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Say Yes to Yourself!

These magical retreats are rare opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing, experience real spiritual growth, heart expansion and maybe even a miracle! Align yourself with the unlimited possibilities that are available and share in adventure and connections to last a lifetime.

This is a gift to you. Your time for happiness is NOW.

Join us in October

Early Bird Price £1088 until March 15th 2019 ( £1200 Late Bird )

Contact us now to secure your space with a deposit.

We have limited availability on this retreat due to venue space. If you would like more information and an opportunity to discuss the benefits for yourself you can either call Zari on +44 (0)773 8000 016. Alternatively, drop us an email at contact@dev.mobilewebsitepro.com