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  • An exquisite and elegant blend of flirty and floral aromas, aligning you with the grace, beauty and unconditional loving nature of the sacred feminine within. Delicious, decadent and sensually divine just like you.

  • A jungle fresh and minty blend to protect your goddess skin in the sexy summer nights. Stay naturally protected, still smelling and tasting good! Dance freely through the night with all of nature’s beings that nibble.

  • An enlightening blend of precious and sacred oils to awaken inner wisdom, deep insight and connection to the inner goddess Yogini. Perfect for meditation, yoga or creating an inner temple of peace.

  • A seductive, erotic infusion of active ingredients and essential oils to ignite the male and female senses, open your heart and awaken your divine feminine sexual essence. Ideal an orgasmic lovers massage or simply feeling magnetic, irresistible and sensually alive

  • An empowering and energizing blend to help manage the physical, emotional and mental demands of the modern world with balance, efficiency and focus. Perfect for a busy, productive day and Goddesses on the GO!

  • Snuggle into the nurturing aromatic arms of this delicate and affectionate essential oil blend. Rekindle the playful innocence of your own inner child and tender nature. Perfect for a mother to be or a touch of TLC from the mother within.

  • A delightful, spirited and happy blend of sparkling citrus aromas to uplift your spirit, bring lightness and inner illumination. You were born to shine. Brighten the world with your radiant light.

  • Wild bouquet fusion of soothing and balancing aromas to support your monthly Goddess cycles and womb time. Flow with more ease, clear the past and bring forth fresh beginnings, hopes and possibilities.

  • A relieving and strengthening blend of essential oils to soothing and revive your Warrior Princess body. Cut through resistance, fear and challenges. Perfect pre and post workout or after an exhaustive warrior day.