Lemurian Starseed Crystal Quartz- Silver Pendant (#1302)


This unusual Lemurian Quartz Crystal possesses deeply engraved pathway of multiple parallel lines or dimensional realities. It brings the energy of Light Body activation and remembrance of our Divine nature. 

Channelled Name: Starseed DNA Activator

Authentic Brazilian stones. 925 Silver casing. Dimensions Height 37mm x width 11mm (at widest point). Raw natural unpolished minerals. Packaged in Zarilove signature white velour pouches.

Each crystal has been cleansed in holy waters, charged in sacred ceremonies, and energetically infused through higher dimensional healing portals in South America by us. Handcrafted with love.

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The Lemurian crystals holds energetic encoded information from the ancient civilization Lemuria. The distinct striated edges, resembling a type of barcode or laddered stairways, are said to hold the wisdom and evolved consciousness of unconditional love, compassion and equality embodied by Lemurian people who once inhabited the earth.

It is thought that these crystals were coded with the wisdom and ancient secrets of the Lemuria, then planted/scattered across the planet creating an energetic protective crystal grid of the planet and to assist human awakening.

This encoded information was designed to be accessed and downloaded by future generations (when ready) by rubbing the finger/thumb along the striated surface in meditation. They are said to be portals of communication to help us with our spiritual growth and aid the evolution of the planet. 

They are not well known as a mainstream crystal for a good reason, due to the sacred and powerful energy they hold. They were designed to find their way into the hands of designated light workers and healers, who can help support and ground this consciousness here on earth.

Lemurian’s are said to be perfect crystals for opening the heart and connecting with feminine loving energy. They realign us with the purity of innocent emotions and enhance our intuitive skills. They are ideal for removing energy blockages, chakra re-alignment, energetic clearing and opening to Divine love, connection and Compassion. 

They are very special crystals. Consider why you have found yourself here?


Knowing which Crystal is right for you?

Each crystal has chosen a person to work with, and will subconsciously speak to its designated partner/owner. Our attraction to a particular crystal’s features may suggest our soul’s unconscious needs.

You may feel a certain emotion arising when looking at one, get a sign, feel an urge or strong connection to one, they will call you in many ways. Look. Listen. Feel!

When you know- You know! Trust your soul to speak.


These crystals originate from and been made in sacred sites, not factory shops and have all been handcrafted with love.

*We cannot offer exchanges on crystals, due to the intensive level of sacred cleansing, energy infusing and the human imprint that comes from the person that wears them.

*Exact colours may vary, natural markings, irregularities and imperfections are typical with these Raw minerals.


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