Stress Reset Meditation


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This guided Stress Reset Meditation Journey by Zarilove, is a powerful energy cleansing and revival process, assisting you to release heavy toxic energies, reset your nervous system, rebalance your emotions and return to your true natural relaxed, receptive state.

Allow your subconscious to receive this healing transmission, using powerful affirmations, visualization, and somatic body awareness, as you travel into the sacred lands of illuminated nature, purifying waterfalls and cosmic realignment.

This guided meditation journey of powerful affirmations, breathwork, visualization & somatic body awareness, is designed to assist you to:

  • Calm the mind from mental chatter, worry, anxiety and stress, moving you into a space of centred stillness and ease.
  • Rejuvenate and recharge at a cellular level; enhancing feelings of renewed life energy, health, vitality and creativity.
  • Release and rebalance stress chemicals, creating more spaces for increased strength, lightness, joy, clarity, and focus.
  • Reset your nervous system; neurologically down regulating you from hyper-arousal, and enabling the processing and organisation of past challenging situations, so you can and return to rest and relaxation.

Use this meditation as part of your daily/weekly self-support routine to manage stress, avoid burn outs, and maintain health and wellbeing.

This is one in a series of Healing Meditations by Zarilove to assist in Spiritual Healing Health, Wellness.

Total duration; 0.40.00 minutes

Warning *DO NOT USE whilst driving or operating machinery

2018 copyright owned by priestess ltd. UK. Produced by Zarilove. All rights reserved. unauthorized duplication, public broadcasting is a violation of applicable law and prohibited.



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