‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’ … Rumi

Zarilove Wellness is an invitation to heal the past and reclaim your life.  Our empowering retreats, therapies, training and natural products are a journey of self-love and reconnection back to your healthy body, boundless heart and the sensual, sacred essence of you.

At Zarilove we believe everyone has the right to live happy, pleasure-filled and healthy lives. Our focus is on trauma healing, personal empowerment, and radiant sensual living. We use the philosophy that our vital ‘energy is our medicine’ and ‘love is the glue’ to heal, recreate and reclaim the best version of you!

Creative discovery, energy healing, and purification is a large part of what we do. We offer a unique fusion of art-based activities, spirituality, ancient energy practices, and contemporary therapeutic processes, to support you in accessing the inner resources to ‘heal thy self,’ unlock optimum health and your full potential.

At Zarilove we have an authentic and all-encompassing 360° approach to healing, addressing the physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental and deeper soul level layers of our being. We believe that true lasting happiness, health and freedom is found in releasing and healing at the core of our issues rather than merely treating the symptoms. Our more intense, innovative and personalised treatments focus on working deeply within the subconscious, karmic and cellular makeup of the body, to clear the energetic blockages, that can manifest into a multitude dis-ease; keeping us from living and moving forward in our lives.

Zarilove’s ethos is inspired by Kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with a special gold lacquer. Rather than disguise the broken pieces, the cracks are honoured as enhancing features of beauty and history. As with ourselves, our perceived ‘brokenness,’ life experience and imperfections are actually our divine artistry, making us who we are. A great master once said:

‘The Wound is the place where the light enters you’ …Rumi.

As we begin to compassionately navigate through our wounds, these cracks of light/truth pierce our illusions and expand our conscious reality and heart; breaking us free from our limited beliefs, untruths, and awakening us to the true nature of our sacred being.

‘You are not broken, you are more beautiful that you can possibly imagine’… Zari

About Zari

Zari is an Energy Worker, Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Founder of Zarilove healing and Goddessence products. She works internationally with groups and individuals in intensive energy and trauma healing, spiritual discovery processes and sacred sensual reconnection.

Zari has worked in the Holistic Wellness field since 2002, she holds a repertoire of professional skills and training in holistic practices including Tantra, TRE Trauma Release, Kundalini Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy-EFT, NLP, Tai Chi, Chi Kung Meditation, Art education and Coaching. In addition, she works with her own developed ‘Radical Healing’ technique,  a deep process of integrated mental, emotional and energetic therapeutic modalities with channeled assisted healing.

Following a profound experience with Kundalini Zari had to find her way back into being in a human body – where her perceptions were rearranged into light, peace, and conscious awareness. She literally ‘woke up’ in a body without Trauma and past activated memory. Although Zari had been energy healing since the age of 21, this signifiant experience brought with it new portals to other dimensional healing channels and connections.

Zari previously embarked on her own Heroine’s journey for over a decade on her quest for truth, sexual healing and reconnection; seeking answers from sacred places, healers and training in intensive processes and ancient practices. She draw upon this knowledge, combined with her own unique experiences of activating this Primal Pranic Power.

Her work has changed the lives of many people across the world through her work in South America, Bali, Thailand, UK , Europe, India and Australia. Her warm and open personality naturally allows others to trust, feel at ease and open to renewed health, happiness and spiritual connection.

Zari has a very REAL, loving and embodied approach to life, valuing the co-existence of duality and non-duality in our current world; believing it is vital we do not spiritually, bypass our human experiences, emotions, and body as a means to escape. Rather it is through the safe, compassionate meeting of our feelings, ego games, and fears that we can be walk freely and transcend into non-duality.

“Our job is to integrate the physical and the spiritual into our reality; to be a fully embodied, sensually alive human AND consciously awake” Zari Ferns 



‘Radiant conscious living is right here, right now, you can choose more love, vitality, and happiness by simply saying YES to yourself’ … Zari


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Zarilove became the inspired platform for her to share her skills and insights into energy healing, spiritual reconnection and creative, sensual liberation. Her own intensive healing path with feminine sexuality, sexual trauma, kundalini and  spiritual evolution and multidimensional channels are the foundations from which she draws her healing work.

‘My own experience of traditional ‘therapy’ and spiritual ‘concepts’ didn’t work or were short-lived as I had decades of hidden unresolved trauma in my unconscious memory. I had to find ways to purify my energy at a deeper cellular level and cultivate my own source of awakening through the medicine of my vital energy system, body wisdom and sacred heart’ …Zari G Ferns

‘No-one essentially heals anyone. At the core we are all pure and whole, there is nothing to heal here. It is in the purification and stripping back of all layers that cover our divine essence, that ultimately leads to our transformation and illumination’. Zari G Ferns  


Zari’s Training:

  • TRE® Certified Provider. Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (Dr. David Berceli- Trauma Prevention Institute)
  • Kundalini Yoga 220hours (Traditional Style) Samadhi Ashram. India
  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification (EKAA, CHII California hypnosis institute)
  • NLP/Hypnosis certification (British Hypnotherapy Association)
  • EFT Advanced Practitioner Certification in Emotional Freedom Therapy (Gary Craig)
  • BA Hons in Fine Art (Manchester Metropolitan University. UK)
  • Post Graduate Teaching Certification in Education. (Bolton University. UK)
  • Art Therapist Training (Meera Hashimoto- Osho Institute. India)
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy/massage (VTCT. UK)
  • Reiki Master Healing (Dr. Usui system)
  • Infinite Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation Teacher Training (Master J. Chan. The Infinite Arts)
  • Women’s Shakti Training (Blossoming Women Academy)
  • Women’s Sexual Awakening Training (Shakti Milan)
  • Tantric Pulsation (Osho Institute)
  • In-depth Training in Tantra (Osheanic International: Brazil, Italy, India)
  • Sexual Awareness Certification 90 hours (Osho Diamond Breath – International Breath Energy School)
  • Meditation and breathwork practices (Multiversity India & non-governing bodies)
  • Transformational Breath® Training 1-3 (Dr. Judith Kravitz)

Registered member of IMDHA – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and AAMET/ EFT International.

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Meet our team


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