• The workshop was just wonderful! A moment of pure connection and healing! Zari is the embodiment of love. All women deserve to have contact with this movement!


    Suélen A. Petry

    Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

  • Zari is a highly spiritually attuned teacher and is not only a competent teacher but is a beautiful person. She is kind, compassionate, encouraging and an empowering facilitator.

    Gail Costello

    Cheshire. UK

  • Zari you are fantastic !! I am ecstatic after this weekend with you at the Shakti Kundalini workshop. There was a lot of release and cleansing from trauma so old that it limited me. I am feeling light and free.

    Zari you are light! You are a blessing!! May you bring your light to women all over the world, they need you! Thank you!!

    Eliziane Ramos

    Campo Grande, MS. Brazil

  • Group Review

    Mallorca Spain

  • Zari provides a very deep healing field through the immense energy of love it radiates. I entrust and commend your work to all who wish to break free, expand and fully enjoy their experience on earth within the energy of love. Being able to share moments and exchanges with Zari is a great blessing and I’m very grateful for her work.

    Karla Persch

    Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

  • I have been working with Zari for past couple of years attending different workshops from TRE tension release classes to Reiki energy healing level 1 and one-to-one sessions.

    She is always very warm and welcoming, providing care and support throughout exercises. Her energy creates a comfortable atmosphere to allow openness and release of any emotions without feeling of embarrassment. Each meeting together brings different experiences and has its unique strength, Zari is always there guiding me through the process.

    I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in opening themselves spiritually and looking for a holistic approach to achieve healing. She has broad and in depth knowledge about practises, treating all her clients professionally and with care.

    Angelika Barjasz

    Manchester. UK

  • Zari is a kind and warm human being who has made me feel at ease, supported and listened to from day one, with no judgement. I have had full trust in her since the moment we met as she was able create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where I felt free to be myself. I have been feeling much better since we started working together on my emotions and I’m sure the best is yet to come.

    Alessandra Poti

    UK/ Italy

  • I wanted you to know how much you have help me. You are amazing. I feel stronger and more clarity everyday. I really love who I am again and I have been able to be completely myself.  You have helped me and inavertently my three little angels, who now have the best version of me again.

    I feel so much softer and kinder. It is like you lifted some of my horrible pain. It was a magical experience.


    Mary Gallagher

    UK Manchester


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