Gong Bath and TRE® Tension, Stress and Trauma Release Exercises

Sunday, 2 Feb 2020

14:00 – 16:15

Below is some information about TRE® Trauma & Tension Release Exercises, and then some information about Gong Baths.

You can easily see how well the two kinds of practices will combine and enhance each other.

In the beginning, the session will be focused on you and the TRE exercises, with the gongs playing a supporting role (enabling an even deeper connection with the body). A development will follow such that you will find yourself laying in stillness while the gongs guide you towards the depths of your own being.


Please read the following information as it is both informative and includes inportant information you need to know before buying a place. Thank you.


TRE® Trauma & Tension Release Exercises are a Revolutionary Way to Feel good, Shake Out STRESS, Revitalise and Reset Your Nervous System.

This innovate technique was founded by Dr. David Berceli and uses a set of 7 exercises to activate the body’s natural self-regulation mechanisms through a safe neurogenic tremouring process.

TRE® helps to release stress, tension, and trauma in a natural and gentle way from the muscular, energetic, emotional and mental aspects of the body. As we begin to unwind the muscular tension patterns held in the physiology of the body, we can begin to release chronic stress, pain and energy blockages in our system, helping us to return back to a state of connection, joy, and relaxation.

The aim of the session is to activate the neurogenic tremours, and start to release energy and holding patterns in the spine, neck, pelvis, shoulders and legs.

TRE® is designed to be a self-help tool that, once learned, can be used independently as needed throughout one’s life, thus continuously supporting and promoting personal health and wellness.

Who can benefit?

TRE® works with the muscles and fascia, so everyone in a physical body can benefit. Anyone who is stressed (who isn’t?) or just being human and trying to managing life’s demands.

If your energy and physiology is stuck your life will be not be flowing either. Maybe you are trying to move forward in your career, relationships, with a project, or personal issue but find yourself collapsing, self sabotaging or unable to make the right steps forward.

These are all signs of the body being under excess stress or past energy pattern stress that is still operating in survival mode.

TRE® can also help anyone who…….

*Is a parent, grandparent or never stops for a second to rest

*Has a stressful job or home life, workaholic and is feeling overwhelmed

*Has been through a traumatic accident, operation, illness in the past

*Experienced a recent challenging life event, break up, pressures, loss,

*A victim of past violence, abuse, sexual trauma

*Soldiers, veterans, first respsonse, civil service workers or anyone suffering with PTDS

*Is feeling down, fed up and stuck

*Athletes, or people who work out a lot

*Is suffering from tension and pain

*Wants more energy, vitality and a happier mood

*Needs to switch off deeply relax and reset their nervous system (ASAP!)


….IF YOU STILL DON’T HAVE A REASON TO JOIN THEN CONSIDER THIS… Stress is not only a killer, but it also ages you prematurely, affects your digestion, organ function, mental health, sex drive, family, mood and relationship with yourself and others and your environment.

We all need to regulate our nervous system and release the overload of toxic stress chemicals for a healthier and happier life. The effects can be LIFE-CHANGING!

COME ALONG AND GIVE IT A TRY- WE ARE SURE YOU WILL LOVE IT !!! And look and feel 10 years younger. (no guarantees made)

This class will be facilitated by Zari Gemma Ferns. Certified TRE® provider. Zari work internationally with groups in , TRE, Tantra, Therapy, Meditation and Healing. Check out some of Zari’s other events on eventbrite you can join, or on the website at

TRE® Can result in strong releases for some people, and it can also be a deeply enjoyable, soothing, pleasurable, fun and a super relaxing experience. Zari holds a very safe, light and supportive space for all things to be welcomed.

Please Bring: a BLANKET, A YOGA or FITNESS mat if you have one. A water bottle and wear comfy stretchy clothing, (warm layers) it can get chilly when lay down.

Not suitable if you have epilepsy, are pregnant, are on heavy medication for mental health, or a pacemaker.

A gong bath is an immersion into waves of beautiful and surprising sounds…. it’s an opportunity for you to take the time to relax and enhance your well-being (for the benefit of yourself and those around you).

All you need to do is come along (bring a pillow for comfort), lay down on a yoga mat, snuggle under a blanket and let the gongs do the rest.

Gongs are particularly wonderful for enhancing one’s well-being because of their wide range of frequencies and vibrations. Our bodies are made of vibrating energy. Each body part vibrates at its own optimum frequency when in good health, but when we are stressed or unwell, we experience a shift in our vibrations which manifests as various ailments. The vibrations from the gongs work on us at a cellular level, resonating with each organ in our body. The body has an intelligent function called entrainment which means the body can choose the right frequency for each body part to resonate with, thus re-tuning us to good health.

Also the frequencies affect our brain waves, moving our minds through states of day-dreaming, meditation and deep sleep, opening up pathways for intuition.

Each person’s experience is unique to them and different each time they come.

Please ensure you arrive in time as I can’t get the door once I’ve begun playing.

Jasmine tea will be provided after the gong bath. It’s lovely for slowly coming around and grounding a little. You could bring water too, to help with the detox. 🙂


The organsiers –

Martyn (For more information, videos, digital downloads, CDs, etc, website

Zari – website: (healing, therapies and events)

Please let us know in advance if you are pregnant, have a metal implant (contraceptive coils are fine) or pacemaker, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, or have any query regarding the suitability of a gong bath for you. Thank you.

No Refunds for non attendance

Event Location

St Clement’s Parish , ChurchEdge Lane, Chorlton,
Manchester , M21 9AE

Event Fees



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Awakening Self-Love

This workshop is a door opener into awakening more self-acceptance, awareness and loving kindness into our lives. The most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves, as this forms the foundation for our relationships with others and ultimately our happiness.

Embark on a beautiful 2-day journey of practical exercises, meditations and therapeutic, expressive practices, designed to reconnect you back to your heart and your true loving nature. Wrap your heart around your life. Say YES to You.

You will learn about:
  • Identifying the role of our inner critic and self-sabotaging, damaging patterns
  • Reconnecting to our inner-child and activate more joy and freedom in daily life
  • EFT/NLP techniques to break free of beliefs that limit self-love and disempowered living
  • Nourishing practices to reconnect with your body, heart and compassionate conscious self
  • 5 essential keys to self-love and activating our heart empowered nature
  • Finding a deeper more intimate and authentic relationship with yourself
  • Discovering ways to open to giving and receiving more love and connecting with others

Where: TBC

When: TBC

Who: All Welcome



You are invited to a magical day of creative discovery into your sacred feminine expression and embodiment. Join this unique journey of art, meditation, movement and ancient energy practices to awaken your Goddessence and unveil your inner treasures.

Creative expression can be a gateway into our inner world and deeper subconscious layers. As we cleanse, open and activate the delights of the sacral chakra, we can begin to access energy keys for divine feminine wisdom, aliveness and pleasure.

Just say YES! to your whole ecstatic being!

You will learn about:
  • Opening the channel for sacred feminine expression, healing and awakening through Art practices and conscious movement
  • Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Tibetan practices to cultivate radiant life force energy, feminine health and vitality.
  • 6 Healing sounds for chakra realignment, activation and emotional balance.
  • Reconnecting with your intrinsic receptive and intuitive feminine nature.
  • Unlocking and your body’s vital energy centre, enabling you to embrace your power, sensuality and grace.
  • Deepening your connection with your body, heart and soul’s divine wisdom.



Who: All Women



Join us for enlightening fusion of Art, Heart and Mindfulness. HeARTfulness is the ART of creative conscious movement; facilitated by heart opening exercises, sound and wholesome energy practices. This fun, creative and interactive meditation is an opportunity to relax your mind, open your heart and let your soul express.

Let go of the past and future and begin experiencing the miracles of living in the colour of NOW!

You will learn about:
  • Unlocking the soul’s palate and flow of intuitive expression.
  • Expanding your conscious awareness and presence in body, heart and spirit.
  • Moving beyond thoughts and deepening into inner peace and stillness.
  • The benefits of Meditation including:
    • Improved physical health and wellbeing
    • Lower stress and blood pressure
    • Increased feelings of Happiness, love and calmness
    • Emotional and mental balance
    • Clarity, focus and improved memory
    • Better sleep, moods and concentration

No Art experience or skill necessary. The focus is on the process rather than outcomes.

Where: TBC

When: TBC

Who: All Welcome


Goddessence Chi Flow

Realign with your feminine grace and Goddessence, through the ancient Chinese sacred Arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Goddessence flow, utilizes ancient Taoist and Tibetan energy practices and graceful meditative movements for optimum feminine health, balance and radiance.

This fusion of traditional and contemporary exercises and sequences, can help to purify and open our chakras and energy channels. Enabling us to become more connected in body, heart and soul, and the expression of our divine essence to flow.

During these weeks we will journey together cultivating, harnessing and awakening our ‘Chi’- life force energy, to raise our vibration and invite conscious femininity, well-being and sensual aliveness.

You will learn about:
  • The infinite Tai Chi ‘short form’ sequence of elegant mindful movements.
  • Cultivating and circulating life force energy, through gentle and strengthening Chi Kung practices designed for health, vitality and wellbeing.
  • Strengthening and cleansing your energy field from stress, emotional debris and negativity.
  • Tapping into your feminine (‘Chi’) energy treasures and medicine for healing, restoration and radiant sensual living.
  • Anchoring into your center of balance, stillness and empowerment.
  • Rebalancing the chakras and opening channels for your divine Goddessence, grace and inner beauty to flow.

Where: TBC

When: TBC

Who: Women, in all phases on their journey



CathART is a creative surgery and medicine for the body, heart and soul. These half day mini workshops use cathartic (releasing) art practices, dynamic meditations and holistic modalities and as a vehicle for soul expression, insight and therapeutic healing. These fun, yet powerful sessions can help to remove blocks, stress and clear pathways for change, reconnection and personal freedom.

Our creative expression can become an insightful mirror to our inner subconscious world, revealing what is often left unspoken. As we begin to explore and give space to what needs to be healed, heard and expressed, HUGE transformation can happen in all areas of our life.

Say Yes to letting go and creating space for peace!

You will learn about:
  • Releasing stress chemicals, negative thoughts and stuck energy that can cause dis-ease.
  • Processing unexpressed emotions and healing unconscious ‘stuff’ that is standing in the way of your peace and happiness.
  • Unleashing your creative medicine for improved mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Dynamic meditations including: breathing, conscious catharsis, empowerment. stillness and celebration.
  • Art practices for Self-expression, self-discovery and personal growth
  • NLP and mind-empowering exercises to let go of the past and embrace NOW.
  • Moving forward with positive creative solutions, insight and clarity to your life issues.
  • Developing more presence, awareness, inner stillness and more……

No previous Art experience or skill necessary. The focus is on the process rather than outcomes. Workshops maybe topic lead.

Where: TBC

When: TBC

Who: All Welcome. Over 18


Creative Relating

INFO to follow.

Where: TBC

When: TBC

Who: All Welcome


Reclaiming the Creative Inner Child

This fun and inspiring workshop is an invitation to connect to the joyful innocence and free creative expression of the creative child within. Embark on a beautiful 2-day journey of practical creative exercises, guided meditations and therapeutic practices, designed to reconnect you back to your pure and joyful childlike essence.

When we allow ourselves to play BIG and connect to the world through the innocent eyes, curiosity and imagination of a child, a whole new world opens up to us.

As a child we were subjected to the conditioning of our environment and we learnt very quickly how to survive by adapting our natural instincts and expression. Many of us were shut down in our creativity and natural playful expression, which strongly affects our lives today, including: our ability to enjoy life, how we express ourselves, our self-beliefs, our ability to take risks, chosen career, relationships and even down to our dress sense-the list is endless!

It is time to Say YES and give permission for more fun, joy and spontaneity in your life.

You will learn about:
  • Identifying the relationship between your adult self, past conditioning and inner child.
  • Healing the past and establishing a positive, supportive reconnection to your inner-child.
  • EFT/NLP techniques to break free of limiting beliefs, fears and disempowered living.
  • Moving from contraction to expansion-from the wounded child to the empowered child and adult, who is free open and free to live a more creative and pleasureful life.
  • Expand your awareness of joy and pleasure through creative tools for conscious living.
  • Breathwork, movement, active meditations, group and individual creative and therapeutic practices, designed to unblock creative energy, open the heart and generate more aliveness.

Where: TBC

When: TBC

Who: All Welcome


“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence”... Osho.